Smudge’s Hooman Servants Shared My Smudge Art

February 2, 2021 (also known as Groundhog day of 2021) was a momentous occasion for me as I had just finished my drawing of a meme I found of the table cat (aka Smudge) with Smudge superimposed on the places where the human “Karens” were with nearly similar facial expressions. To say the least, I was pretty proud of myself for how it turned out and thought, “Maybe I should tag Smudge into this”, and so I did so on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When it was clear that I would not get a response on any of those platforms, I just decided to share an Instagram story on my main account @cftxp and featured my new “masterpiece.” Suffice to say, Smudge’s human servants saw the story and shared it and I have been pretty happy since.

Call it immature, or even downright strange, to brag about a meme cat’s humans giving you some exposure on social media. However, it truly made my year, so far, to know that my art was valued by, really, anyone other than myself. Self-confidence is something I have, and will continue to work on, and so I will remain happy about this occurrence!

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